Bluedot fans may remember that Björk was scheduled to be one of the headliners for 2019 until the event was postponed. The unique Icelandic artist is now scheduled for next year, 2022, where she will headline the final Sunday night show in a unique show with Manchester’s Hallé Orchestra.

Björk will be joined by The Hallé at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jodrell Bank Observatory, accompanied by a projection mapping spectacle.

The audio-visual performance will feature video and animated projections on the iconic Lovell Telescope for a unique show exclusive to Bluedot. This will be the first-time audiences at Bluedot will be able to see the dish of the 76-metre wide Lovell Telescope surface transformed into a gigantic digital artwork.

Teresa Anderson with Tim O’Brien, Associate Director Jodrell Bank

Teresa Anderson, Director of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Engagement, says, “We’re delighted to welcome Bluedot back to its home at Jodrell Bank. Björk is an artist who works on the creative common ground between art and science so it’s amazing that she will be headlining the festival, here at the UK’s home of Astrophysics. We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone again!”

Limited day tickets and weekend tickets are on sale Friday 3 September, 10am at

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