With the suc­cess of KIN last year, which includ­ed three sin­gles mak­ing their way out into the world, their vocal­ist and synth play­er Grace de Souza has now launched her solo project GracieSouz.

We were delight­ed here at Gourmet Gigs to fea­ture an inter­view with the band on the cusp of the launch of their third sin­gle. So we were inter­est­ed to find out what had prompt­ed Grace to cre­ate a solo ven­ture along­side her band KIN, which she describes as “dark­er, and more brooding”. 

Grace embarked on her ven­ture last year to help her through anx­i­eties she was feel­ing dur­ing the first lock­down. “To try and keep myself occu­pied and con­tin­ue with music, I end­ed up writ­ing these songs which I had nev­er planned on doing any­thing with but turned into my debut solo EP, Bet­ter In Space,” she explains.

This first sin­gle has an ethe­re­al, slight­ly Cocteau Twins-style aura with an intro­spec­tive and enig­mat­ic qual­i­ty. “The four tracks, includ­ing the first sin­gle Bri­an Cox, explore the anx­i­eties I was feel­ing at the time as a young woman, sad, angry at the world and pret­ty lone­ly. I had these vivid thoughts of escap­ing some­where and so space became this whole ide­al for me, with its sense of free­dom and unknown adven­ture and it became a coher­ent motif through­out the songs.” 

Why Bri­an Cox? “Because he, in par­tic­u­lar, explores the real­i­sa­tion of lone­li­ness but it’s also about escapism, allow­ing your­self to be lim­it­less and, as a dream­er, you can find hap­pi­ness and com­fort any­where, even if out of reality.”

There are some excit­ing projects on the hori­zon, includ­ing fur­ther band releas­es record­ed at Abbey Road and Stu­dio 13, so 2021 is set to be a big year for Grace.

Bri­an Cox is out on 29th Jan­u­ary

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