With the success of KIN last year, which included three singles making their way out into the world, their vocalist and synth player Grace de Souza has now launched her solo project GracieSouz.

We were delighted here at Gourmet Gigs to feature an interview with the band on the cusp of the launch of their third single. So we were interested to find out what had prompted Grace to create a solo venture alongside her band KIN, which she describes as “darker, and more brooding”.

Grace embarked on her venture last year to help her through anxieties she was feeling during the first lockdown. “To try and keep myself occupied and continue with music, I ended up writing these songs which I had never planned on doing anything with but turned into my debut solo EP, Better In Space,” she explains.

This first single has an ethereal, slightly Cocteau Twins-style aura with an introspective and enigmatic quality. “The four tracks, including the first single Brian Cox, explore the anxieties I was feeling at the time as a young woman, sad, angry at the world and pretty lonely. I had these vivid thoughts of escaping somewhere and so space became this whole ideal for me, with its sense of freedom and unknown adventure and it became a coherent motif throughout the songs.”

Why Brian Cox? “Because he, in particular, explores the realisation of loneliness but it’s also about escapism, allowing yourself to be limitless and, as a dreamer, you can find happiness and comfort anywhere, even if out of reality.”

There are some exciting projects on the horizon, including further band releases recorded at Abbey Road and Studio 13, so 2021 is set to be a big year for Grace.

Brian Cox is out on 29th January

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