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I’m repost­ing this piece about Heb­den Bridge from Decem­ber 2013. Muse Music and Love Cafe record shop in Heb­den Bridge is cur­rent­ly closed as it was dev­as­tat­ed in the floods – it reopens some­time in the future thanks in part to a vinyl sale held at The Trades Club in Jan­u­ary.

There are plen­ty of places to eat and drink in Heb­den Bridge, all around Mar­ket Street. The town is full of inde­pen­dent cafes (I imag­ine the locals would rise up and cause a riot if one of the chains dared to show its face) and a few restaurants.

I like Mooch cafe for break­fast, they do a deli­cious sausage tea­cake for around £4. They serve deli­cious soups, and as well as being a cafe, this is a nice spot for an ear­ly evening glass of wine.

Muse, the record shop now has a lit­tle cafe called Love Cafe. A great spot for those who fan­cy a cup of real­ly good cof­fee accom­pa­nied by an eclec­tic range of music. They sell a good selec­tion of new vinyl and CDs and have recent­ly start­ed stock­ing an excel­lent small selec­tion of sec­ond-hand vinyl, at very rea­son­ably prices.

Din­ner: The Old Gate opened a few years ago and had its ini­tial moment in the sun – glad to say this huge cen­tral­ly placed bar/restaurant remains a pop­u­lar spot. The food is excel­lent, por­tions are on the sat­is­fy­ing­ly large size, and they do excel­lent steak nights, plus they do Sun­day roasts with as many jug­fuls of gravy that you could need. Down­stairs is the bar (but you can eat too) with plen­ty of tables and invit­ing log fires and views onto the main street. Upstairs are the din­ing rooms – it’s advis­able to book. My steak and ale pie with roast veg and a lit­tle pot of mushy peas, could only be described as a por­tion fit for a giant. 

The Old Gate Hebden Bridge

The Olive Branch is a well-rec­om­mend­ed Turk­ish restaurant.

The Trades, which fea­tures in a lot of posts on here, is my favourite music venue, and Mal Camp­bell has a fan­tas­tic eye for book­ing great musi­cians, both old and new. Here’s a review of the Heav­en­ly week­end includ­ing Jimi Good­win; and a review of Men­tal Elf at New Year

The Trades Hebden Bridge

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed read­ing it. I don’t get there often enough, but I always find some­thing new to enjoy every time

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