Bring­ing more than just a touch of vin­tage James Bond, singer-song­writer Cos­mic Croon­er unveils his lat­est sin­gle called Tema di Fil­ip­po. For the full 60s retro Euro-glam expe­ri­ence, slip into lounge mode and watch the accom­pa­ny­ing black and white video, inspired by Ital­ian film mak­er Michelan­ge­lo Antonioni. 

Lop­ing along in an ultra styl­ish suit – with a touch of Nick Cave about his appear­ance – the lanky fig­ure of Cos­mic Croon­er moves through a Bond-like vor­tex and even­tu­al­ly out onto a ter­race with a dra­mat­ic Ital­ian vista. 

The arrange­ment is crisp and the open­ing is dra­mat­i­cal­ly stark, build­ing with lush, sweep­ing strings but there’s also a sense of unease, a lev­el of tension. 

“The arrange­ments of this song were inspired by Ital­ian movies and their scores” says Cos­mic Croon­er. “We want­ed to approach this video dif­fer­ent­ly than my pre­vi­ous videos by using only one loca­tion and we want­ed to cre­ate a loop with a reward at the end. One of my most tran­scen­den­tal videos so far. With lyrics I find it very impor­tant that every­one can inter­pret the song’s mean­ing in their own way.”  

Since releas­ing his debut sin­gle ‘Deep Down in Jazz’ in 2021, Cos­mic Croon­er has released a fur­ther four sin­gles, Pop­si­cle Place, Bolero, Reflex­opo­lis, and most recent­ly Girl­friend, all of which have helped build a cult fan fol­low­ing across Europe. Heav­i­ly inspired by the 60s, 70s and Ital­ian clas­sics, Cos­mic Croon­er cre­ates a vary­ing palette of son­ic natures. 

Every release comes with a metic­u­lous­ly made video. The video for ‘Reflex­opo­lis’ was nom­i­nat­ed for best music video at The Dutch Film Fes­ti­val. 

Tema di Felip­pi by Cos­mic Croon­er is out on 12th October 


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