… to Gourmet Gigs, the mostly-music website. Our focus is on up and coming artists rather than trips down memory lane. The other big part is – festivals – with reviews and recommends. We’re on the road to recovery and we’ll be bringing you lots of festival news in the months to come. Why ‘gourmet’ gigs? Because this site started with food on almost equal billing to the music, but the music won out! Still an appropriate name as we love a gig that’s gourmet standard. And we’re still up for featuring food.

June 2021 update

Earlier updates on festivals struck a somewhat positive note as many had announced headliners, combined with reports of healthy ticket sales – Kendal Calling for instance sold out in record time. However many events since cancelled, unable to go ahead while there is no Government-backed insurance scheme. Bearded Theory had pushed their festival as far ahead as September but, like many others run by a small team, were still unable to make it work. Some still going ahead as of 20th May are Green Man, End of the Road, Houghton, Towersey and several others, although they are unsurprisingly sold out. There’s a proliferation of day events in parks. See our festival faves piece.

Please keep supporting campaigns to convince this government to give further help to the arts, and contact your local MP too. Brexit is causing havoc for bands, especially hard-up emerging artists, attempting to tour in Europe. There’s a campaign here.

Online shopping is giving a boost to the ravaged music industry with coloured, splatter and limited vinyl – anything to get us flashing our “cash”. My personal weakness are the beautifully designed Dinked vinyl editions, recent albums by the Besnard Lakes and Lonelady being recent purchases. And now Vanities by W H Lung. Also helping with online sales, Bandcamp continue to be lockdown stars with Bandcamp Fridays.

Our history

Gourmet Gigs began on June 3 2012 with Field Day festival in Victoria Park where I saw the elusive Mazzy Star. I’ve had some memorable moments like seeing David Bowie in Hanley, Staffordshire in the Ziggy Stardust days. My first festival was Buxton in 1972 with John Peel announcing the bands. It took place on a freezing cold windy moor but I remember absolutely loving the whole experience. 

Please write for us…

Here at Gourmet Gigs we’re trying to make the best of a frankly utterly crap situation for musicians, creatives generally and live venues. So it gives us great pleasure to direct our focus on up and coming artists. We’re delighted to present interviews with young, talented musicians such as The Lounge Society and Luca Wilding.

Get in touch if you’d like to recommend bands, DJs, gigs, new releases, festivals or venues. And also if you’d like to contribute and offer a guest blog piece – the chances are that we’ll say yes. Emails are checked on a daily basis.

You can help Gourmet Gigs too…

The site is managed mainly by me plus occasional guest writers. I prefer to try and use my own band photography on the site, so would appreciate any opportunities for pit access at gigs and festivals. Many thanks!

Please support the site by tweeting, messaging, generally spreading the word.

A big thanks to our guest bloggers.

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  1. I have and now need to upgrade a Nikon d40 a basic 6mp camera and it has improved my life greatly, even going upto a 10mp will make no difference as the sensor is exactly the same,and we all know that Mpixels are only to do with how big yr blowing up an image,for blogging it’s not needed. before my nikon (Baby) i used a simple Fuji film s1000 and as you may see with my Kitty Daisy and Lewis pics they’re the best I’ve taken no credit to nikon.. it really is important NOT to use flash,as I’m sure you prob know? hope this helps 🙂

    1. Totally agree about no flash, for many reasons. I decided to get a good point and shoot, as wielding an SLR around at gigs, if you aren’t there as a photographer, I found to be annoying and can detract from enjoyment of the gig. I got the Canon XS240 and it’s a lovely little camera (12mp and 20x zoom) but so far my results (on King Charles, from Tier 1) are not exactly to be commended! iphone can work just as well. Love those pics of Kitty Daisy and Lewis!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I think capturing the atmosphere is the main thing. And if the photos don’t work out too well I still think it’s better to have something on the page rather than nothing. I prefer to take photos at festivals, you can usually get closer to the stage, and there’s the opportunity for random shots. Have you decided what camera to get?

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