I managed to catch five minutes with Working Men’s Club after their set at Bluedot last Saturday. They’ve been in Sheffield doing a recording session, attending photoshoots, left to head off to Latitude… and they’re now on to Port Eliot festival. Busy busy. The in-depth interview is going to have to wait.

Working Men’s Club at Bluedot festival

Q Hi Jake, that was a great performance – it was a speedy one though. The crowd were really getting into it..  and then it finished. The timing with Kraftwerk wasn’t too great! Did you enjoy playing that set though?

A Yes I did it, was good fun. It was nice to see so many people had come see us even if we overlapped with Kraftwerk, who we all wanted to go see as well!!

Q How are you finding playing at festivals? Compared to gigs, I mean?
A  The mix of people is obviously different. We’ve been getting used to playing as support for bands whose audience is only there to see the main act. Whereas at festivals, the audience is much more mixed and people are wandering around, finding new things. There’s a lighter atmosphere, people dance more and you can see they’re having a really good time

Q How’s the new single Teeth going down?

A From what we’ve been hearing, I guess it’s gone down well – it’s A listed on Apple Music Alternative – and Annie Mac gave us a play. We really appreciate that people are into the music we’re creating. It’s not about how big the response to the music is though, what is important that there are some people who want to hear it. It’s still weird thinking about the fact that people actually want to hear what you’ve got to say!

Q  I didn’t recognise all the songs you played at Bluedot. Was there a new one in there?
A  We’ve always got new stuff coming in and out and we like to add little bits into the set.
Q  What acts did you guys manage to see at Bluedot? Who did you like? What did you think of Kraftwerk?
A  Kraftwerk were brilliant – hearing these songs blasting out across the field – godfathers of electronic!
Scalping were incredible – it’s a wall of sound but you don’t get bored of it – it’s a really interesting sound.
Sadly we weren’t there for that long as we had to go on to Latitude.

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