Psych-pop Isle of Wight band As We Leave have just released a new single from their upcoming debut EP, Everything to a Point, which will be released on 13 November 2020. The new track is called Hope That Kills, a melancholy and thoughtful number with a floaty, wistful feel. It certainly displays the maturity of the young band, who have released two singles so far.

The members of As We Leave all grew up on the picturesque bay of Sandown, Isle of Wight, going to the same school and cementing a firm friendship. Their songs reflect an island life where rural beauty, sunkissed beaches and a relatively carefree existence have evidently played their part.

ABBEY RECORDS · Hope That Kills

In a similar vein Hope That Kills is all about confronting situations when things have not worked out as you hoped, the angst of the thwarted dream.  But there’s optimism too and reassurance too: it’s ok to fail once in a while. There’s an interview with As We Leave here.

But it’s fair to say that the band don’t overplay the positive in favour of a more balanced approach to their lyrics. They aren’t afraid to tackle and explore those more negative feelings when things aren’t looking so rosy. Their first single Stories We Tell was all about looking back in nostalgia: those moments when you reflect on some of the best moments that have passed, and wonder if you can ever recreate such joyful times again. 

About Hope that Kills, frontman Caine Entwistle says: “This is a reflection on hope, disillusion and the contradictions and beauty of nostalgia. When expectation and promises aren’t met, pouring your faith into something can lead to inevitable disappointment.”

The debut EP consists of five tracks: Everything to a Point will be released 13 November 2020 via Abbey Records

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