From the mountains of Norway to Toxteth, Liverpool is not the usual path trodden by artists but it certainly indicates someone carving an individual path.

Fledgling Liverbird Sara Wolff had initially uprooted in order to study before adopting the city as her home. The alt-folk singer uses her definitively quirky and singular eye to home in on personal issues and matters she’s wrestled with in her own life. Her songs are about the passage to adulthood, about getting things wrong in relationships and about staying in bed all day, something too many of us are well accustomed to these days. And that’s the place where there’s a tendency to play moments over in your head, wondering how you went wrong.

Bad Thoughts Compilation, released 3rd February, is a “collection of all your feelings on a particularly bad day and reflects on why the solution is there but so difficult to reach,” Sara reveals. “Those times you can’t get out of bed, you’re in a rut, sleep too long, don’t eat properly, scroll on your phone too much, cancel plans then feel bad about it, worry your friends won’t like you anymore, then stay in even longer. It’s a never-ending circle.”

Sara’s earlier single had caught the attention of Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 music show. And now the self-taught guitarist has released this latest single. Her upcoming EP was co-produced at Stockport’s Eve Studios, the former vicar’s mansion became a home away from home, allowing her to tinker with its vintage Roland Space Echo and their 1960s Farfisa organ. She had help from friend and talented music producer, mix and studio engineer, Adam Rothschild (Early Hours).

Singer songwriter Sara Wolff, portrait

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Debut EP, When You Left The Room, out on the 4th of March.

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