The intrigu­ing and mys­ti­cal artist Erin Bir­gy, aka Mega Bog, releas­es her new album in July, called Life, and Anoth­er. Erin is an exper­i­men­tal artist, weav­ing a con­coc­tion of pri­mar­i­ly jazz, folk and ambi­ent. Her vocals have a chameleon-like qual­i­ty which she uses to great effect, at times send­ing you into a trance with sooth­ing tones yet she reveals a play­ful and sen­su­al qual­i­ty on the more jazz-influ­enced com­po­si­tions – such as on For the Old World.

Just released is Mega Bog’s sin­gle Sta­tion to Sta­tion – no con­nec­tion to any oth­er songs with the same name. The synth intro with an echoey cho­rus which sounds like a col­lec­tion of wood sprites evokes a mys­ti­cal land­scape before Erin’s vocals cut in – and when they do they are warm, spo­ken, deep… beck­on­ing you fur­ther into this haunt­ing song. The accom­pa­ny­ing video, direct­ed by Erin and Lau­ra Con­way, was shot in the Paint Mines of “what most call rur­al Col­orado”. A dis­play of nat­ur­al imagery in a quite extra­or­di­nary loca­tion are a per­fect accom­pa­ni­ment for the single.

Lau­ra Con­way says, of the video, “The video was made dur­ing a sea­son of death and tec­ton­ic shifts in my life and the world. Before vision cal­ci­fies as it does dur­ing times of sta­bil­i­ty, it is my hope that here things can be seen as they real­ly are: porous. The sandy bub­blegum rocks erode, and skin is as per­me­able as the dis­ap­pear­ing clouds. This is the place where things will not keep being as they always were, and it is not pos­si­ble to know who is you and who I. You may begin again while I may meet end after end. Or not. 

Life, and Anoth­er launch­es July 23rd with vinyl on 27th August on Par­adise of Bach­e­lors. Co-pro­duced by James Krivche­nia of Big Thief, it fea­tures a cast of vibrant play­ers. In addi­tion to the vinyl,  CD and dig­i­tal iter­a­tions, a lim­it­ed-edi­tion Life, and Anoth­er pho­to and song book fea­tur­ing images, song­writ­ing and stu­dio notes, col­lages and texts by Erin Bir­gy and draw­ings by Zach Bur­ba, designed by Joel Gre­go­ry, is avail­able, while sup­plies last, exclu­sive­ly via Par­adise of Bachelors.

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