The intriguing and mystical artist Erin Birgy, aka Mega Bog, releases her new album in July, called Life, and Another. Erin is an experimental artist, weaving a concoction of primarily jazz, folk and ambient. Her vocals have a chameleon-like quality which she uses to great effect, at times sending you into a trance with soothing tones yet she reveals a playful and sensual quality on the more jazz-influenced compositions – such as on For the Old World.

Just released is Mega Bog’s single Station to Station – no connection to any other songs with the same name. The synth intro with an echoey chorus which sounds like a collection of wood sprites evokes a mystical landscape before Erin’s vocals cut in – and when they do they are warm, spoken, deep… beckoning you further into this haunting song. The accompanying video, directed by Erin and Laura Conway, was shot in the Paint Mines of “what most call rural Colorado”. A display of natural imagery in a quite extraordinary location are a perfect accompaniment for the single.

Laura Conway says, of the video, “The video was made during a season of death and tectonic shifts in my life and the world. Before vision calcifies as it does during times of stability, it is my hope that here things can be seen as they really are: porous. The sandy bubblegum rocks erode, and skin is as permeable as the disappearing clouds. This is the place where things will not keep being as they always were, and it is not possible to know who is you and who I. You may begin again while I may meet end after end. Or not.

Life, and Another launches July 23rd with vinyl on 27th August on Paradise of Bachelors. Co-produced by James Krivchenia of Big Thief, it features a cast of vibrant players. In addition to the vinyl,  CD and digital iterations, a limited-edition Life, and Another photo and song book featuring images, songwriting and studio notes, collages and texts by Erin Birgy and drawings by Zach Burba, designed by Joel Gregory, is available, while supplies last, exclusively via Paradise of Bachelors.

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