ODAS music project founded by Dean Freeman, releases their second EP on July 12th. Called The Film Between The Takes EP2 the four-track instrumental work follows EP1 which saw its release in January this year. What initially appealed to me about West Yorkshire based ODAS (formerly One Day, After School) was their connection with poetry – and in particular with poet laureate Simon Armitage.

The Dead Scene Poems

The Film Between The Takes EP2 is a digital, self-released work, and is part of a bigger project called enticingly The Dead Scene Poems – a grand-scale two or three album project due for release later in 2021. 

The Dead Sea Poems is an hour-long show written and performed via a commission from Wakefield Lit Fest in 2017. The project took the poetry collection of the same name by Simon Armitage and re-interpreted it into a live show that combined original music and spoken word / vocal performances.

The majority of the music was composed by ODAS’s Dean Freeman with additional pieces by Harry Rhodes and Dan Hayes. Spoken word / vocal performances were also provided by Ralph Dartford, Paul Bateson, Simon Widdop, Eleanor Aldous, Andrew Whittaker, Jacqui Wicks and Jayne Freeman.

The Film Between the Takes is an instrumental work, beginning with the sound of a needle placed carefully onto the record, and the gentle hiss crackles in the background rather comfortingly. One Road Out has a Mogwai feel, cinematic and expansive despite the simple arrangement – and a feeling that things are being held in check, tightly controlled.

Music for No One is perhaps my favourite piece: a wide-open landscape, optimistic, boundless. The track lifts itself up and out into a climactic – and loud! – final section. The track reminds me somewhat of Boards of Canada in the way the track is paced and structured.

ODAS https://soundcloud.com/odas_projects
ODAS projects

Sept 25th at Long Division Festival

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