There‘s a groovy new single out by Papercuts – aka multi-instrumentalist and producer Jason Quever. Disillusionment with the political climate of the time (Trump) and a nonsensical conversation with a conspiracy theorist provided the triggers for the track, entitled I Want My Jacket Back.

Despite its despairing themes, any melancholy is restricted to the vocals. Quever’s delivery possesses a touching fragility, giving the vocalist a feeling of being alone in the world as he sings about waking up to police sirens and those conspiracy theorists banging on about ‘the earth is flat’.

The video features a group of paper dolls attempting to leave a cult:

There‘s a jaunty, analogue, ’60s psych-folk feel to the arrangement and it feels genuinely ‘60s rather than pastiche. Complete with a nod to The Velvet Underground at around the half way point. On his 2014 album Life Among the Savages, the track Family Portrait has a similarly twirling psychedelic charm. And for those unfamiliar with San-Francisco Papercuts, there are six albums to get to know, with his latest called Past Life Regression out soon.

I Want My Jacket Back is out now. The track is featured on Papercuts new album Past Life Regression released 1st April 2022 on Labelman

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