Bliss band’s Rachel Morrison and Tom E Morrison have just rereleased Believe (Let the Love Shine In), mix 2020. Accompanying the song is an uplifting video created by Tom, enhanced with gorgeously psychedelic touches – and check out those singing sunflowers…

I chatted to Rachel about making the re-release of Believe and the couple’s lockdown projects…

What prompted you to re-record Believe? 
We felt it was the sort of song we all need right now, as we all have so many doubts, fears and unanswered questions. It wasn’t written for this time – the original was released on CD on our own label Big Sky Song Records in 2009 – but we felt it was apt. The sentiment is to find the strength to see that things can, and will, be better. Acknowledge how hard life is and be pro-active about making life richer and more meaningful, inviting the good into our lives to quash the bad stuff.

Has Believe always been one of your favourite songs?
It’s certainly been a favourite live song because not only is it cathartic to perform but it rouses the audience too, and challenges our doubts and fears. It has those gospel-esque qualities that help us to transcend and escape our dark and destructive emotions. 

There’s been a lot of renewed interest from Warner Music in your work, is this part of that project?
In spring we signed a distribution deal for an album with Warner Music Brazil for South and North America. This album consists of remastered versions of our favourite tracks from our self-released My World Your World album plus some previously digitally unreleased songs. We Are One (also the title of this new album) was chosen as the first single. To celebrate Rock Month in Brazil, Warner suggested to release Believe as the second single.

What changes did you make to the original version?
We looked at the original album version arrangement and decided to give it a bit more of an edge. I did some new lead vocal takes and re-recorded all the backing vocals. Tom recorded new guitars, bass and keyboards. Edu Bisa Bisogno, keyboarder in our live band, contributed by playing his wonderful Hammond organ. The track also features fabulous ex Crouch-Ender Marc Layton Bennett on drums. 

What’s the story behind the making of the video?
We wanted it to be over the top, slightly corny but with the emphatic positive message coming across. We are limited obviously because of lockdown and budget so we had to be really creative and use the limited resources available to us. Tom decided to have a go at video production, bought a GoPro Camera, a green screen and some lights and learned how to use video editing software. The We are One video was his first  attempt and some days ago he uploaded Believe (Let The Love Shine In) to our YouTube Channel . It’s naive, playful and joyous! All of the flowers in the video are from the garden and the majority are grown from seed. 

How has lockdown treated you both?
Gardening has been a main feature of my lockdown. We’ve been blessed with a garden, so very early on we got two little greenhouses and sowed loads of vegetable seeds. We didn’t know how bad it would get, so we wanted to make sure we had food. That was therapeutic as it felt we were taking some control and even if it was just a minimal act, it helped. Also I’m a specialist dyslexia teacher and there’s been a lot of demand for tutoring online. Plus since late June I’ve been painting madly nearly every day – again it feels as if it gives life some control. It’s a very good distraction, like meditation really, but you have produced something at the end to keep or give away.

Tom has been creative in our purpose-built recording studio at the back of the garden, working on our tracks and writing meditation music (check out his previous releases in this genre Simply Meditation – Tom E Morrison .
He’s also been busy producing tracks for various artists (Tom E Morrison website). It has made us realise how important home is, wherever that may be – location is no longer as important.


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