The final, outstanding release of the London based experimental duo Tomaga will be unveiled on 26th March. Tomaga – Tom Relleen and Valentina Magaletti – worked together since 2013. This work titled Intimate Immensity was finished just before Tom’s passing in August 2020 and distils two years of new creative enhancement.

The tracks which have been already released reveal a stunning work. Mesmerising background layers anchor the tracks. Sounds bubble and fizz over the orchestral backdrops, creating a playful energy. The precision and clarity of the productions are razor sharp. Tomaga are always searching and pushing boundaries, and this album is no different.

Mostly recorded at Tom’s “Bunker” – as he called his house in London – during the days off from live performances and challenging collaborations throughout the world, Intimate Immensity is a collection of ten tracks that outline a breathtaking epiphanic journey revisiting the multifaceted worlds explored by the band over seven years.

And now Floating Points has done a remix, available on Bandcamp with all proceeds going to The Free Youth Orchestra, a charity set up in Tom Relleen’s name which focuses on removing financial barriers between children and access to musical equipment.

Where did the term ‘Intimate Immensity’ come from? It stems from a book called The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard that explores ‘house as universe’ and ‘intimate immensity’ – which ties in with Tomaga’s feelings about bunkers and the urge to create one’s own space in the universe. It is all about feeling at home, and entering and understanding Tomaga’s own space.

Tomaga ‘Intimate Immensity’ releases 26th March 2021 on Hands in the Dark records

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