The final, out­stand­ing release of the Lon­don based exper­i­men­tal duo Toma­ga will be unveiled on 26th March. Toma­ga – Tom Relleen and Valenti­na Mag­a­let­ti – worked togeth­er since 2013. This work titled Inti­mate Immen­si­ty was fin­ished just before Tom’s pass­ing in August 2020 and dis­tils two years of new cre­ative enhancement. 

The tracks which have been already released reveal a stun­ning work. Mes­meris­ing back­ground lay­ers anchor the tracks. Sounds bub­ble and fizz over the orches­tral back­drops, cre­at­ing a play­ful ener­gy. The pre­ci­sion and clar­i­ty of the pro­duc­tions are razor sharp. Toma­ga are always search­ing and push­ing bound­aries, and this album is no different.

Most­ly record­ed at Tom’s “Bunker” – as he called his house in Lon­don – dur­ing the days off from live per­for­mances and chal­leng­ing col­lab­o­ra­tions through­out the world, Inti­mate Immen­si­ty is a col­lec­tion of ten tracks that out­line a breath­tak­ing epiphan­ic jour­ney revis­it­ing the mul­ti­fac­eted worlds explored by the band over sev­en years.

And now Float­ing Points has done a remix, avail­able on Band­camp with all pro­ceeds going to The Free Youth Orches­tra, a char­i­ty set up in Tom Relleen’s name which focus­es on remov­ing finan­cial bar­ri­ers between chil­dren and access to musi­cal equipment.

Where did the term ‘Inti­mate Immen­si­ty’ come from? It stems from a book called The Poet­ics of Space by Gas­ton Bachelard that explores ‘house as uni­verse’ and ‘inti­mate immen­si­ty’ – which ties in with Toma­ga’s feel­ings about bunkers and the urge to cre­ate one’s own space in the uni­verse. It is all about feel­ing at home, and enter­ing and under­stand­ing Toma­ga’s own space.

Toma­ga ‘Inti­mate Immen­si­ty’ releas­es 26th March 2021 on Hands in the Dark records

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