Here at Gourmet Gigs towers, we love to hear of music and food combos. And at Womad festival, the Taste the World stage gives their global music stars the chance to shine in the kitchen and share their favourite recipes and stories. It’s a unique musical and culinary fusion.

Artists hot-footing it from the main stages to the arboretum are from Madagascar, Norway, Ukraine, Ghana, Canada and Turkey to Scotland, India, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Finland and Guinea.

Sounding delicious are Manti – gorgeous Turkish dumplings with caramalised tomato sauce and garlicky yoghurt – cooked by the psychedelia band BaBa ZuLa. Lemon Bucket Orkestra’s Balkan artists whizz up some Pierogi, and Rura’s Scottish Cullen Skink – a smoked haddock, leek, onion and potato soup warms the soul.

ladama at taste the world stage at womad festival

Ladama at Taste the World Stage at WomadAfro-soul Queen JoJo Abot is turning up the heat with her tongue-tingling dish ‘Red Red’, with fried plantain, black-eyed beans and a host of spices that will transport audiences to the heart of West Africa, whilst Anandi Bhatacharraya will bring a traditional Bengali Curry called Chicken Rezala. Self-proclaimed ‘ethnic chaos’ quartet Dhakabrakha will whip up a Ukrainian Borscht soup.

WOMAD will be running daily cookery workshops for kids too. Every morning younger festival-goers will get the chance to learn how to make totally tasty tapas, irresistible vegan-style sweet tasting ‘kicker balls’, smoothies and ‘nori’ vegetable rolls with luscious dipping sauce.

Food traders across the festival site include Indian’s Dosa Deli to Himalayan goodies from Tibetan Kitchen to Spanish treats at La Paellaria.

WOMAD festival  25-28th July

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