Space Oddity, David Bowie’s enduring, sad and wonderful song, immortalised on video by astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, is to be removed from the internet tonight.

There is every chance it will re-emerge here and there, but it may be difficult to find – at present, who knows. There was an agreement with David Bowie that it should only be available for one year and then be pulled, forever.


Chris Hadfield is entertaining and erudite. The Canadian commander has not only spent many years as an astronaut, but is also a talented photographer (of space, naturally!) – check out his book Postcards from Space (and also An Astronaut’s Guide to Life). He is also a very talented musician, plays several instruments, plus, of course, he sings. Playing guitar in the Intenational Space Station (ISS) wasn’t an easy experience, involving the use of a collapsible guitar which is now in the Museum of Aviation and Space.

Chris Hadfield video

Here it is, for one last moment of enjoyment. But who knows how much longer it will remain…



UPDATE: Permission is being sought to bring back the video

One thought on “Nearly gone… Bowie’s Space Oddity video by Chris Hadfield to be wiped from the internet

  1. Thanks for posting this – brilliant to hear his version again. The man is a genius!

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