CASSOULET NIGHTS POP UP IS NOW CONTINUING THROUGH DECEMBER!  There is a Christ­mas set menu for large par­ties, fea­tur­ing roast duck.

Christmas menu, duck, pickled cranberries, endive
Christ­mas menu with roast duck, pick­led cran­ber­ries, braised endive

Right now in Hack­ney, a chef and a wine com­pa­ny are serv­ing up a pleas­ing­ly retro style din­ner with warm­ing plate­fuls of clas­sic French coun­try food. The event, Cas­soulet Nights, cre­at­ed by wine com­pa­ny Quite Nice Wines with chef Jacob Rosen, fea­tures some fun retro clas­sics. There’s even an old-fash­ioned dessert trol­ley which makes its wob­bly way over to your table. ‘I could­n’t pos­si­bly,’ you say to your fel­low din­ers. ‘Oh, well, maybe I will.’ 

Chef Jacob Rosen for­mer­ly worked at Pitt Cue, the cur­rent­ly City-based enter­prise known for its car­ni­vore-pleas­ing dish­es where fat-rich (and there­fore super-tasty) man­gal­itza  pork and but­ter-ten­der Dex­ter beef are stars of the menu. No won­der won­drous­ly meaty Cas­soulet appeals to his cre­ative side (note: there is an equal­ly deli­cious veg­e­tar­i­an menu too). 

Cassoulet nights pop up
Giulio, Neil and Jacob (cen­tre) get ready to serve

I asked Jacob how this all came about: “Neil and Giulio of Quite Nice Wines and I met in Lyon ear­li­er this year,” he explains. “They had just been giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take on a love­ly space on Hack­ney Road. We dis­cussed how we could best use it, giv­en its short time frame, and decid­ed to recre­ate some of the essence of the French bou­chons and bistros we were fre­quent­ing in the area.”

Neil brings a wealth of knowl­edge of small, low-inter­ven­tion region­al French wines and has adept­ly paired a selec­tion with the dis­tinct­ly old-school, French clas­sic dish­es. There’s the four-course menu at £35 (either cas­soulet or veg­e­tar­i­an options), plus an a la carte selec­tion too. You are also wel­come to pop in for drinks and snacks. There’s a faith­ful back­bar (think Suze, Lil­let and Arma­gnac), and it’s all served in a love­ly envi­ron­ment, skil­ful­ly put togeth­er by the team, with atten­tive per­son­al ser­vice.  It is also prov­ing to be lots of fun.

The ven­ture will come to an end on 23rd Decem­ber. Best to book your table now at Cas­soulet Nights

Cas­soulet – the sig­na­ture dish


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