Of all the train stations in London to find yourself in with time to spare, St Pancras is the most pleasant. A few shops, wine bars, artisan type food outlets, and occasional announcements in French – and I discovered Orlando Seale and the Swell were entertaining the crowds.

There’s even more going on at the moment as the station is hosting its annual Stations Sessions Festival 2013, which continues till May 9th. Each evening the concourse showcases two bands between 5.30pm to 6.30pm, perfect timing if you’re on your way home or going out nearby.

Orlando Seale and the Swell

I found myself at St Pancras on Thursday and enjoyed listening to a fabulous band called Orlando Seale and the Swell. On vocals and guitar is Orlando Seale himself, who as an actor has appeared in productions such as Pride and Prejudice and Sleepy Hollow but a perusal of his filmography will reveal the full extent of his work. The band is in effect a mini orchestra who are a fluid collective of musicians, and they worked their way through a set of – well I would call them folk-inspired numbers but the band describe themselves as “alternative, orchestral indie, punk folk.” The violin and flute in particular give the songs a richness and depth. Their sound is good-humoured, upbeat and joyful; and this taster made me want to see them again.

Orlando Seale and the Swell


orlando heart

WHO: Orlando Seale and the Swell

WHEN: April 2013

WHERE: St Pancras Station

2 thoughts on “Cool tracks: Orlando Seale and the Swell at St Pancras

  1. Thanks so much! It was nice to discover them en-route to see Phildel.

  2. Lovely little review Olivia .. concise and to the point ! excellent 🙂

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