Belfast duo Dark Tropics reveal the follow-up to their previous release Moroccan Sun, in late 2020. This time round they’ve gone for a more vintage sound on Keep Searching, out May 7th.

Keep Searching was inspired by the vibrancy and romance of 60’s American soul music,” says the band. “It’s about not wanting to be left behind and having the strength and resolve to chase a dream, no matter what.” 

Dark Tropics know how to ramp up the drama but this track sees them move into rather different territory. Keep Searching has a breezy hook and sounds like a soundtrack to summer, but there’s a sense of something deeper going on. With warm strings and even a bluesy touch, it creates a perfect canvas for Rio McGuinness’s expressive, emotive vocals.

Their accompanying video was filmed in a hazy Belfast flat. “The video tells the story of a really troubled relationship – one where your identity is stripped and you need to search for the person you once were. It was directed by Thomas McKeown who used light and shade as a tool to further emphasise the emotion in the dancing and movement.” 

Dark Tropics released their debut single Badlands last summer, followed by Moroccan Sun late 2020, to widespread critical acclaim.



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