Dolly Parton had offered to rescue a dog found at Glastonbury, discovered cowering in a tent by the cleaner-uppers. The lurcher was too old to travel so would not have been able to be rehomed in the States – but the owners have now come forward to reclaim the poor creature.

I am a bit mystified by all this. Dogs are banned from the majority of festivals. Did the owners, who aren’t English, maybe not understand this rule? What did the dog do for the festival’s entirety, sit in a tent while its owners went off to enjoy themselves each day?

Anyway, they have claimed her back and despite the charity who were looking after her understandably being concerned, they’ve had to hand her over to the owners.

I’ve arrived home from festivals without my jacket, sunglasses… any number of random items, but a dog? Anyone who can do this I feel doesn’t deserve to own the animal.

What looks at first like a heartwarming tale of owners reunited with their pet, plus a celeb to add a touch of glamour, is actually a sad tale of an abandoned dog left shivering in a tent amongst the detritus of Glastonbury.

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