Dol­ly Par­ton had offered to res­cue a dog found at Glas­ton­bury, dis­cov­ered cow­er­ing in a tent by the clean­er-uppers. The lurcher was too old to trav­el so would not have been able to be rehomed in the States – but the own­ers have now come for­ward to reclaim the poor creature.

I am a bit mys­ti­fied by all this. Dogs are banned from the major­i­ty of fes­ti­vals. Did the own­ers, who aren’t Eng­lish, maybe not under­stand this rule? What did the dog do for the fes­ti­val’s entire­ty, sit in a tent while its own­ers went off to enjoy them­selves each day?

Any­way, they have claimed her back and despite the char­i­ty who were look­ing after her under­stand­ably being con­cerned, they’ve had to hand her over to the owners.

I’ve arrived home from fes­ti­vals with­out my jack­et, sun­glass­es… any num­ber of ran­dom items, but a dog? Any­one who can do this I feel does­n’t deserve to own the animal.

What looks at first like a heart­warm­ing tale of own­ers reunit­ed with their pet, plus a celeb to add a touch of glam­our, is actu­al­ly a sad tale of an aban­doned dog left shiv­er­ing in a tent amongst the detri­tus of Glastonbury.

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