First recommendation of the year: a single out in late December by a band we’ve followed since their early days, the London based outfit, Firestations.

The captivating new track called Reflection Spells exhibits all those distinctive elements that the band are known for: reflective dream pop charm with the soothing harmonies of Mike Cranny and Laura Copsey. There’s a hint of Modern Studies in their controlled and modulated intertwined vocals .

The opening few notes establish a hazy, soporific atmosphere, echoed by the lyrics which mull over love gone wrong, moments of a relationship mulled over and picked apart. “You sit there tongue tied… these words don’t come often or not at all and it’s difficult to speak them out loud.“

Reflection Spells ups the melancholia and emotion with the viola, courtesy of special guest Neil Walsh who has played with Smoke Fairies, Videocean and Shattercones.

The song ebbs and flows, guitars building and receding, punctuated midway by a guitar solo by Martin Thompson; a tempered, slightly proggy addition which adds a depth to the track without breaking the reverie.

Firestations are set to play on 21st January in London, at Paper Dress Vintage.

The new single is out now, released as part of Lost Map’s Postmap Club Subscription Service. Firestations are scheduled to perform at Paper Dress Vintage London, on 21st January. Tickets available here

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