Jo Schornikow releases Lose Yr Love, a shimmering beauty of a track, and the second share from her upcoming album. In common with her recent release, Visions, reviewed here, this song has a feel of War on Drugs.

Lose Yr Love is Schornikow’s exploration of “fear and beauty in loss” which “grew from a real-life nightmare of losing someone,” she explains. “The song explores the fear before the fallout, before finality. It’s a quick and awful spiral, but also a natural counterside of love. I think we found the beauty that exists in this incredibly bleak space.”

It’s Jo Schornikow’s expressive vocals that hold the listener in thrall. She has an uncanny ability to express a huge amount of emotion while keeping her performance understated and restrained – there’s no diva-esque posturing in her delivery. Instead she radiates intelligence and a knowing and accepting attitude, even at times a world-weariness, toward humanity and the sway our emotions hold over us. The layered vocal arrangement uses ocean imagery as she reflects on her experiences.

The video, directed by Ives Salbert, was shot in an East Nashville junkyard and in partner Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent’s studio, and features a brief cameo from Schornikow’s two children. 

Apart from creating her solo work, the Australian singer-songwriter and pianist for Matthew Houck, aka Phosphorescent, Jo Schornikow will be releasing her album of alt American indie which ‘explores the complexities and loneliness of motherhood’, to be released on May 20, via Keeled Scales.

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