The eager­ly await­ed new sin­gle by Luca Wild­ing called Ruby, Don’t Cry is released on Octo­ber 16th. 

This lat­est track fea­tures the artists’ trade­mark emo­tive, falset­to vocals and poet­ic lyrics – the arrange­ment is beau­ti­ful in its sim­plic­i­ty, pulling the lis­ten­er into its dream­like qual­i­ty as the tale unfolds. The song will fea­ture on Luca’s first EP, which is expect­ed to drop Novem­ber 27th.

Ruby, Don’t Cry is about an unknown muse, a young woman who Wild­ing met in pass­ing. He says: “Some time ago, I met a girl on a train. We spoke for a lit­tle while, she sketched in my notepad and over a brief jour­ney told my friend that she was unhap­py. There was some­thing very sin­gu­lar and strong about her, some­thing leo­nine. I just couldn’t imag­ine her wast­ing away with no direc­tion in a love­less relationship.” 

Wild­ing con­tin­ues, “The thing I love most about this song is I have no idea who this per­son is, and I prob­a­bly nev­er will. I imag­ined this world of lib­er­a­tion for her, in which strength and inner beau­ty are reward­ed with free­dom.”  

Wild­ing gave an inter­view to Gourmet Gigs dur­ing the sum­mer after the release of his inau­gur­al sin­gle Heartachers (video below). Its raw emo­tion stopped me in my tracks on first lis­ten. His sec­ond sin­gle, Johan­na, fol­lowed soon after. 

I am left won­der­ing if Ruby will ever hear this song and if it will speak to her, and if she will recog­nise her­self as the cat­a­lyst for this wist­ful and heart­felt num­ber, after her brief encounter on a train.

Ruby, Don’t Cry is released Octo­ber 16th via Abbey Records

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Pho­tog­ra­phy © John Ogunmuyiwa

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