A new platform named GigRealm launches today which aims to help match artists to venues and streamline the process for artists to play live at grassroots venues. Although the idea was created before the pandemic, London-based music company GigRealm will now be part of the solution to help the beleaguered music industry get back on its feet again.

GigRealm was founded by cousins Tom Brady and Reuben Narey who believe in the commercial & cultural value of grassroots music and are passionate about supporting this vital part of the music industry. Their new platform is free for artists to use and is a one-stop solution, simplifying the system. Artists, venues and promoters will be able to navigate the platform and match with one another based on their individual needs. As an additional benefit the platform automatically generates a GigContract™ for every show, therefore providing a robust digital solution that safeguards everyone.

The two have already agreed partnerships and collaborations with several music industry bodies and companies including CD Baby, Kycker, The Ivors Academy, ICMP and BIMM.

Tom Brady says: “We spent a number of years developing the concept for GigRealm and were preparing to launch the platform just before the pandemic struck. Seeing the havoc that COVID wrought on the live music industry over the last 18 months or so has sharpened our resolve to provide a seamless solution for any venue – either a traditional music venue or one from the wider hospitality sector – to engage with great artists, effortlessly promote live music and, of course, for artists to find shows and get fairly remunerated.“

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