The Weather Station has released a new single and video called Atlantic, from forthcoming album Ignorance (5th February on Fat Possum).

The Weather Station is a project lead by Canadian singer songwriter Tamara Lindeman. This latest work is intensely personal (Tamara also directed the video) and it captures the present mood of uncertainty, with climate change at the forefront. Atlantic describes how even the most joyful moments are invaded by worry and dread.

Atlantic is a startling, unusual and brooding work, elegantly arranged with a lush expansiveness yet suffused with tension. A percussive and jittery layer meshes with rich guitars and keyboards and flute flourishes while Lindeman’s sultry vocals anchor it all down. “My god, I thought what a sunset … blood red floods the Atlantic”.

Says Lindeman: “Trying to capture something of the slipping feeling I think we all feel, the feeling of dread, even in beautiful moments, even when you’re a little drunk on a sea cliff watching the sun go down while seabirds fly around you; that slipping feeling is still there, that feeling of dread, of knowing that everything you see is in peril.”

The album Ignorance features an impressive crew of musicians, including Kieran Adams (drums, percussion), Ben Whiteley (bass), Philippe Melanson (percussion), Brodie West (saxophone), and Ryan Driver (flute). The band was rounded out by Johnny Spence (keys) and Christine Bougie (guitar); Lindeman played piano, sang, and contributed distorted guitar solos. Montreal producer Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire) co-produced, with Lindeman, and also mixed the record.

The project’s previous single Robber is currently getting airplay on Radio 6 music, it’s similar in feel to Atlantic but echoes of Talk Talk as the vocals float over the percussive instrumentation. Their previous album from 2017 called The Weather Station is also a stunning piece of work that will please Joni Mitchell lovers. Tamara and crew are firmly on my ‘to see’ list once we’re out of lockdown.

The Weather Station will present a full band performance of Ignorance in its entirety on Thursday, February 11th. Tickets for the livestream are available here.

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