Manchester-based five-piece band Sylvette present their new track called Blanket of Dust today, 21st May. And how lovely that got a launch morning play on Chris Hawkins’ early morning show on BBC 6 Music.

This latest release features elements we’ve come to expect from Sylvette but this has rather a different feel. Blanket of Dust is a reflective and melancholic number with a finely-tuned sense of drama, an undercurrent which adds an air of tension. There is more than a hint of Jeff Buckley in the crystal clear falsetto of Charlie Sinclair, set against a sparse and beautiful backdrop of acoustic guitar before a gathering swirl of strings elevates the song. Sylvette make no compromises with their productions, they reward the listener who takes the time to sit back, be still and let it all unfold.

The band released their second album Stiller than Still in 2020, which includes the mystical track Kelpius, review here.

Sylvette Blanket of Dust cover artwork

Joy and Pain are two sides of the same coin

Charlie Sinclair credits a 1990s film for the inspiration behind the song: ”Blanket of Dust is directly inspired by the film Shadowlands about C.S Lewis in which he undergoes great personal change through the trauma of his wife passing away. His personal transformation isn’t grand or public but more quiet, considered and melancholic and I wanted to reflect this in the feel of the song.

”The film documents a time in his life where for the first time he dares to open himself up to love and he not long after experiences the pain of losing it. It got me thinking about the idea of how Joy and Pain are two sides of the same coin and the only way to live fully is to bravely embrace the certainty of both.”

Blanket of Dust is out now. Sylvette have a UK tour planned for Autumn 2021

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