The End Festival 2015 culminated on Sunday with “The Feast of Saint Cecilia”, an event dedicated to the patron saint of musicians. The musical banquet started at 3.30pm and went all the way through to around 10pm – keeping the bar at Earl Haig Hall busy.

Billed as a ‘folk event’ didn’t quite do justice to the wealth of artistic expression we were presented with. Things kicked off with The Spectral Chorus, a trio with a rich sound of acoustic guitars (and bass), against which their rich, hymnal harmonies fill the room. Next was Kerry Andew as You are Wolf  with avant-garde reinterpretations of traditional folk songs. Elliott Morris brought humour and nifty guitar playing to his solo set.

Collectress (above) were captivating. The female quartet, their music described as ‘chamber pop’, played compositions of such atmospheric beauty they sounded like film soundtracks, some airy and light, such as The Sound of Wind in the Trees, others chilling and spooky.

From Melbourne, The Mae Trio brought Aussie-style folk and harmonies to the festival

The festival closed with The Memory Band, a folk outfit of particular resonance for promoter Howard Monk, who revealed that he has played with them in the past. Setting the mood for each number with a spoken word recording, there was something quirkily British about this ensemble, with their evocative and thoughtful interpretations of location, history and events.



EVENT: The End Festival

WHEN: 12th to 22nd November 2015

WHERE: Venues around Crouch End

The End Festival opening weekend

Howard Gelb, Romeo Stodart, Nadine Khouri

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