Lockdown has caused many a collaborative project to temporarily fragment, resulting in solo work that may be of a more intense and introspective nature. Out today is Grace de Souza’s exciting new solo EP called Better in Space. Grace is a member of London-based band KIN (see interview with KIN band here). Grace found herself dealing with difficult emotions during the height of lockdown: a growing sense of society unravelling with unrest, the protests, political turmoil. She embarked on a solo project as GracieSouz, unveiling first a single called Brian Cox in January, with the EP getting its release on 16th April. It is a deeply personal work, darker in feel than we’re used to hearing on her work with KIN, in which she struggles to come to terms with the enforced solitary nature that the pandemic has brought about.

Grace describes her time during lockdown and the narrative behind the new work: “It made me think about myself, what my place as a young woman in this world is but also how trapped and lonely I was feeling at the time. How I would ideally like to escape from everything for a while. Dreaming became a main theme as it was a means to escape even if I wasn’t able to physically go anywhere.”

She continues, “The tracks all acknowledge this, I think, but explore different moments within those thoughts, I see them as being chapters from the same book. The journey from the first track, Bound, which is about womanhood and questioning where you are and what’s expected through to the finale, Burial, which is placing yourself within the bigger picture, your overall responsibility and choices.’

Dreaming became a main theme as it was a means to escape

The first track, Bound, is a powerful track with its dramatic, icy synths, tribal drumbeats and Grace’s soaring vocals. In keeping with the tribal elements, there is an earthy, folk element to this song. A dark, moody quality permeates not just this track, but the rest of the EP too. Burial conjures up a landscape laid waste, synths and percussion evoke a world in turmoil. Better in Space is a personal but universal expression of these unusual times in which feelings of disconnection and introspection surface.

The EP is produced and with additional music by experimental electronic producer Alexander Comana (Miedo Total, Casi Wyn) and mixed and mastered by Nicholas Alexander (Minimal Animal, Battles, Dead Slow Hoot).

Better in Space EP by GracieSouz is out on 16th April
Grace de Souza

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