Attention Earth! A brand new single beams down today courtesy of HENGE. Exo is the first and title track from the space rockers up and coming new album ExoKosm.

HENGE’s new release Exo is a further exploration of the band’s Cosmic Dross sound – a psychedelic prog rock mix with dance and electronic elements thrown in. In fact HENGE can’t really be pigeonholed, they’ve created their own sound and a uniquely effective stage show.

Henge perform at Bluedot festival 2019

The animated music video for Exo has been created with art made by HENGE’s loyal human fanbase. The illustrations were submitted in return for a special edition HENGE comic book as part of an innovative art exchange scheme.

HENGE came to Earth seven years ago to spread their message of peace, love and harmony through Cosmic Dross, which features thundering drums, clothes-shredding bass, whacked-out synths and singing that lays bare the joy of life.

The alien prog-ravers released The Cosmic Dross EP in 2017 and their debut album Attention Earth! in 2018, both to critical acclaim.

Says HENGE frontman Zpor, “With our first two ‘listening discs’ we introduced you to the sacred sounds of Cosmic Dross and made clear our urgent message to mankind through the album Attention Earth! We believe the long-term future of your species lies beyond the boundaries of your solar system.

“And so, we present to you our latest work ExoKosm with the hope that humankind can avoid extinction and reach your potential by spreading out into space.” 

Henge on stage at Bluedot festival 2019

HENGE’s live shows which blend science fiction, psychedelia and theatre, have won them thousands of fans – as well as Best Live Act at the 2018 Independent Festival Awards.

HENGE will also be announcing rescheduled dates for their biggest Earth tour to date: they have already scheduled The Trades Hebden Bridge in 2021. 

Check out their website at HENGE

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