For anyone struggling with insomnia, this new song may help. Lullaby for the Wide Awake is written by vocalist Julia Lowe of folk outfit, the Keston Cobblers Club. She suffers from insomnia herself and the song was written to help those of us who find themselves staring at the ceiling at 3am, turning minor niggles into full-blown anxieties.

Lullaby For The Wide Awake is predictably soothing and meditative, and comes with a calming string arrangement and Julia’s reassuring, steady and gentle vocals. She is joined by her brother Matthew and the added force of brass in the track’s closing moments.

It is the fourth single from the band’s upcoming new album, Alchemy, out April 22nd – the theme of the album based on folklore from their home town. The Anthem of the Alchemist tells the story of an alchemist who turns basic metals into gold, only to discover when older that the treasures he sought were always within him. He finds an old message in a bottle buried beneath Keston Ponds and Caesar’s Well that he forgot he had written as a child.

Keston Cobblers have an upcoming UK tour, starting in Nottingham on the 21st April with a European tour is in the works, and a busy summer of festivals. 

Keston Cobblers Club consists of brother-sister duo Matthew and Julia Lowe with school friends Tom Sweet and Harry Stasinopoulos (plus Daniel Slade on Tuba).  For those who are only just discovering them, there are four previous albums to explore and two EPs.

Lullaby For The Wide Awake is available from 30th March via Absolute Label Services 
New album Alchemy is out April 22nd

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