There’s been a surfeit of talented young bands coming out of Yorkshire’s towns and valleys – such as Working Men’s Club, The Lounge Society and Fehlt. And local venues such as The Trades in Hebden Bridge, Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, and Todmorden’s Golden Lion have been instrumental in supporting their burgeoning talent.

Lumer are a Hull-based four piece comprising of Alex Evans (vocals), William Evans (drums), Benjamin Jackson (guitars) and Benjamin Morrod (bass guitar). Their debut EP The Disappearing Act launches on 29 January and I’m fair blown away by it.

Lumer may be categorised as post punk, complete with catchy riffs and snarling vocals from Alex Evans, but there’s much more nuance and thought to the structure of their material, which keeps things interesting. Some of the tracks on The Disappearing Act are far from linear and they introduce some surprising twists and turns to keep you engaged.

The first track She’s Innocent kicks off with a slightly wonky riff and just when it’s sounding like it’s settled into its groove, it shifts and a sexy bass line thuds into the song with those slightly menacing vocals over the top. White Tsar brings noisy guitars to the fore while the vocals sound almost forced, begging to be heard over the din. There’s an almost White Stripes feel about some of their tracks too.

Lumer’s lyrics predominately rage against corrupt world leaders, online social pressures and the wrongs of the world. Alex Evans comments “The entire writing process felt incredibly easy. It takes, whoever can be bothered to listen, down a bitter road of different experiences and what we despise in the world. It talks of love, hate, hope and death.”

Compelling and with a confident, individual edge, The Disappearing Act is out today.

LUMER’s debut EP The Disappearing Act will be available digitally from January 29th 2021.

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