The Belfast duo Dark Tropics describe their sound as pop noir. And if you check out their brand new single Moroccan Sun and its accompanying summer-vibe filled video, you’ll get the message. There’s a sunny but very sultry thing going on. Summer memories linger on… with touches of regret and sadness in the mix. Isn’t it ever the way?

This second release emerges from the steamy shadows of their debut single, Badlands, a heartfelt tale of anguish. By contrast, Moroccan Sun shifts into a more danceable groove.

Drawn together by a bond that stretched via Ireland to Morocco, Dark Tropics sees musicians Rio and Gerard coming together: they found common ground in their love of Radiohead, Aretha Franklin and The Velvet Underground. The couple felt they were destined to join forces and create music together.

Dark Tropic’s creative vision has borne fruit with their own brand of timeless, cinematic pop-noir, powered by analogue instruments and retro recording techniques. Moroccan Sun is out now.


Photography: Wrapped in Plastic

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