The new album by psychedelic rockers HENGE titled ExoKosm is unleashed upon the planet today. ExoKosm is, like the band’s first album, an exploration into the extra-terrestrial, sacred sonic artform that HENGE call ‘Cosmic Dross’. 

Featuring seven new tracks, ExoKosm includes HENGE’s recently-released singles Get Outta Ma House and New Planet, plus their first single, Exo.

Henge on stage

Side A opens with Goldilocks – definitely one of my favourite tracks – there’s an intro of synthy fuzz and sonic bleepery which shifts into euphoric ‘get this party started’ mode. Having suitably laid the foundations for an album of feel-good numbers, ExoKosm maintains a pace of upbeat dance-influenced tunes, weaving playfully through a mix of genres. For instance Get Outta Ma House is hip-hop influenced and is, in HENGE’s own words: “a reflection of the absurdity of Planet Earth at this point in its history”.

Side B features the rousing and anthemic first single Exo, which will be perfect for the part of their live performance where you’re well past caring what anyone thinks of your dancing. The closer is the mainly instrumental New Planet, which sounds “like a spaghetti western set in space, serving as a timely reminder of the genius of Ennio Morricone”. New Planet rides in on thundering hooves, ramping up the prog and cosmic touches as the track gets into its stride before eventually fading into the distance.

The single Exo came with a music video made entirely with drawings from HENGE’s fans. The drawings were swapped for a HENGE comic as part of an innovative art exchange.

Like their debut album Attention Earth! this album, says HENGE, offers a ray of hope to humankind. Something, I would add, that is needed more than ever in these difficult times. ExoKosm should go some way to soothe our troubled – and dance-deprived – souls.

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