We always pay attention here at Gourmet Gigs whenever Lost Map Records announces a new release. It is run by Johnny Lynch aka Pictish Trail from his remote island home in Eigg in the Highlands and, apart from sounding like a very appealing location, the label never disappoint with its eclectic and quirky range of artists.

This latest signing is Kinbote – the alias of found-sound sample based electronic glitch-pop producer Matt Gibb. His debut album Shifting Distance will be released by Lost Map on limited edition CD-R and via digital services on 4 December 2020.

The just-released single taken from the upcoming album is Hiemalis. The track has a shimmery and dreamlike quality, enhanced by expressive found-sound samples, such as echoing voices as heard from another room.

According to Gibb, Hiemalis is a song about “gaining perspective on events that seemed inconvenient or frustrating at the time, but I can now accept as valuable,” Matt explains. The track was inspired in part by the book To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, and features drums made from samples of Matt walking through a forest, leaves and sticks crunching and snapping under his feet.

The accompanying video is captivating, making a simple but powerful statement as its protagonist, dressed in a suit and tie, takes both a mental and physical leap. His journey takes on a mystical quality as he wanders through the landscape, tumbling through sand dunes, seeking some kind of personal shelter. It is a universal statement but one that is given extra resonance by these strange times.

Shifting Distance by Kinbote is out on 4 December, 2020 on Lost Map Records. Debut single Hiemalis is out now


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