Here at Gourmet Gigs we’ve been steadfast fans of Manchester outfit Sylvette. It started with a ‘love at first listen’ moment, when the startling and original single Kelpius was unveiled on Chris Hawkins’ morning show on BBC 6 music.

The band have produced three studio albums and recently completed a sold-out mini tour held in small churches. And now comes the release of their new, long-awaited next work, called Single Thread. From the delicate guitar opening notes to Charlie Sinclair’s vocals, this track is heavy with passion and displays Sylvette’s trademark heightened sense of drama. Single Thread also reveals extremely personal lyrics; Charlie describes the catalyst for the work, and reveals why it contains such a high level of emotion beneath its surface.

I started writing ‘Single Thread’ in lockdown when I was a full time carer for my disabled and terminally ill father. I found after six months of not seeing anyone else or having any respite from the situation that I began having sleepless nights and obsessive thoughts in a way that I have never experience and initially the song came about as a method of self-soothing.

He adds that “although the song came from a very dark place we’ve found there has been something life affirming and positive about turning pain into something beautiful that will hopefully connect to our audience.”

Sylvette’s work is captivating and best experienced in a moment of calm, when time allows you to just sit and be still. This absorbing and personal track follows this same path and is a beautiful and rewarding listen.

Sylvette new release Single Thread: out now

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