I first heard Pale Blue Eyes earlier this year when they released a single called Dr Pong – an addictive, chunky, upbeat number somewhat reminiscent of Django Django, that instantly had me excitedly rootling around to check out the rest of their material. Oh – and the song’s about playing table tennis all night in Berlin.

I was delighted when they popped up at Oslo in Hackney in April, opening for The Besnard Lakes. Jittery and Krautrock-ish with a sharp, clean sound, they unleashed a slew of slinky, compulsively danceable tracks punctuated with euphoric moments.

Pale Blue Eyes are a Devon-based three-piece band comprising a couple, Lucy and Matt Board, crucially aided by Motown-mad bassist Aubrey Simpson. Matt (vocals/guitar) and Lucy (drums/electronics) met at Dartington College of Arts in South Devon.

There are a couple of singles out ahead of the impending album release. Just out is Star Vehicle – there’s a wistful, psychedelic charm to this track as it opens, snaking its way to you as if through a mist and then holding you captive with its motorik qualities and smoky vocals. The track is a gorgeous swoopy ride that drenches you in a wave of optimism and joy. It reminds me of The Cure – especially in the opening bars. What’s it about? Says vocalist Matt: “It touches on times at art college, where there was a student bar called the The Rat & Emu, out in the middle of the countryside. I remember the stars seemed so bright overhead.”

Back in May Pale Blue Eyes released Globe – a dreamy number with a 80s feel, named after a shared student house in Totnes, Devon that had previously been a pub. So – things are looking good for their debut album Souvenirs which is coming out on 2nd September – album review to come.

Souvenirs was recorded in PBE’s own Penquit Mill studio, just south of Dartmoor, the studio having been funded by a bank loan and endless part-time jobs.

The album’s themes are, according to Matt: “Embracing good times, losing yourself in a moment of bliss when the world around you is going to shit… Processing and understanding loss and grief and using music as a vehicle to move on… Fighting against the mundane and not giving up on dreams… The pure joy of a good night out or a moment of being moved by a band or a piece of artwork or a great film… Making the most of the time you have.”

LIVE: Pale Blue Eyes are also playing UK festivals across the summer and supporting Public Service Broadcasting in October. 

Debut album Souvenirs release date 2nd September 2022 on Full Time Hobby
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Photo: Sophie Jouvenaar

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