Ahead of their anticipated new album Hyper-dimensional Expansion Beam, London-based cosmic jazz rave trio The Comet is Coming share a new video for Technicolour. The uncompromising and unsettling work is produced by Joseph J. Goldman and directed by Charlies Robins (for Agile Films) who has worked with Beyonce, Bonobo and Rudimental.

The track is an exciting staccato journey, frenetic with squelchy synths and jittery sax, creating a pensive undercurrent. This gathers in pace and intensity; the music mirrors the mental anguish of the two characters in the video, who dance and writhe in a bleak and abandoned industrial space.

Pushing boundaries is something that appears to come naturally to The Comet is Coming. Danalogue from the band comments on the circle, an image which is prevalent in the video: “The circle symbolises many things: strength, connection, letting go of expectations and the beauty in imperfection. By being drawn into this new potentiality, we can transcend the current conditions of our cultural programming and move forward together.  Adaptation is born out of necessity and is both terrifying and awesome in equal amounts.”

Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam by The Comet is Coming is set for release September 23 via Impulse! Records.

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