Sometimes a fusion between two seemingly different and disparate elements can produce something that radiates a new and unique energy. The newly released track Vanishing Point is a case in point. One half of this collaboration is Richard Walters: solo singer songwriter and a band member of LYR with poet laureate Simon Armitage. He teamed up with Pølaroit – a young electronic music duo, based in Hannover, proponents of ‘melodic deep house’. Pølaroit references their northern roots (Polar) and the birthplace of techno (Detroit). The resulting track has a powerful feel: deep, cinematic and startlingly emotional. I talked to Richard Walters and Pølaroit to find out how their project came together:

Richard Walters…

Your partnership with Pølaroit is an innovative and interesting cross-genre and cross-border collaboration. How did the idea of working with the duo come about? 
I was really drawn in by what Pølaroit were doing. A song popped up on a playlist, and I know that can be a very passive listening process but this track just caught my attention, and I became a fan instantly. So I decided to reach out to them.

What was your experience of developing Vanishing Point as a collaboration? Was there anything noticeably different about the creative process? 
Working on Vanishing Point was a very satisfying remote working process. I sent the simplest of ideas – just a few sung lines and some piano chords, and Marius and Jonas built this whole world around it. It was such a pleasure to then come back to it, this amazing production, and add more reactive vocals. It felt like a good conversation.

Can you tell us more about the lyrics – the story or inspiration behind the track? What is it about? 
It’s about fear and caution, about overcoming those emotions and looking beyond the worst case scenario. I’m not making that sound very positive, but the intent is. It’s about hope without fear.

What elements do you particularly like about the finished track? 
I adore the production, that piano line and the mix of organic and synthesised sound. It feels very unique.

What projects are you working on, and what plans do you have for this year?  
I’m writing a new solo record at the moment, and I’m just finishing the mix for a new album with my band LYR. Hoping no roadblocks get in the way when it comes to touring this year, I’m longing for a busy summer of festivals and shows. Fingers crossed. 


Hi there. Could you tell me a bit about yourselves, where you are based, and the kind of music you like to make? Do you have your own studio? 
Hello, we are Marius and Jonas from Hannover, Germany and we make organic electronic music. For four years now, we’ve been combining our strengths and creativity in this project and for about a year we’ve been working in our own studio.

How did this collaboration with Richard Walters come about? Who made the initial approach?
The first step came from Richard, he wrote to us via Instagram. From that point, we were in love with his music and his vocals.

What were the discoveries you made when listening to his music?
We mainly listened to Richard’s solo work on Spotify, but we fell in love with his collaborations as well. His vocals add a special touch to all the tracks that we totally love, and it was super fun working with that.

How did you create Vanishing Point?
Richard sent us some vocal phrases and these were the foundation, the inspiration for the track. Then we started building the track directly around those phrases. 

Vanishing Point sounds like a soundtrack for a film. Is this intentional on your part? 
Good question. We love creating an atmosphere in our music. I wouldn’t say it’s consciously created as a film soundtrack but I think it naturally veers into that territory. We’re glad you interpreted it that way.

What other projects are you working on right now?
At the moment, we’re on the brink of playing a live performance in a special place somewhere in the world (unfortunately we can’t reveal further details at the moment). We’ve also nearly finished our debut album which will be out later in the year. Also, a sample pack with our favourite samples and piano sounds is coming out next month. All in all, there’s a lot going on right now.

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