The Trades, Heb­den Bridge 2017.

Drea­ry old Jan­u­ary. Dark rainy nights, emp­ty bank account, bud­dies off the alco­hol… is there any­thing the wretched first month has going for it? Well, yes! A Heav­en­ly week­end at The Trades in Heb­den Bridge, where the esteemed venue hosts a mini fest of musi­cal delights. Last Jan­u­ary 2016, we saw Jimi Good­win and Cher­ry Ghost among others.

Heav­en­ly label acts will per­form over the four-day long week­end, from soul­ful Duke Gar­wood through to Toy and psy­che­del­ic favourites Temples. 

This is the lineup:

Thurs­day Jan­u­ary 19: Duke Gar­wood + M. Craft

Fri­day Jan­u­ary 20: Hooton Ten­nis Club + The Par­rots + The Orielles plus Heav­en­ly Juke­box DJs until 2am

Sat­ur­day Jan­u­ary 21: Toy, Britain + Heav­en­ly Juke­box DJs until 2am

Sun­day Jan­u­ary 22: Tem­ples + Amber Arcades, see dreamy Annelotte de Graaf  video below.

So head on up to Heb­den Bridge for a brac­ing walk up to Stood­ley Pike, a mean­der round the vil­lage (with a vis­it to Muse Music for a spot of vinyl and a cup of tea), and a musi­cal feast in the wel­com­ing bosom of the famous Trades.

Don’t for­get to pay a vis­it to Heb­den’s Muse Music for vinyl, CDs, cake and so much more.

Muse record shop Hebden Bridge


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