Leipzig-based Jonas Wehner, aka Warm Graves, is about to release his second album in seven years. He’s been in hibernation since his debut Ships Will Come, and is now entering a new phase with album Ease to be released on February 25th 2022. For now, you can sit back and take in a first glimpse with Neon, the first single, out on London-based label Fuzz Club. There’s also a video to accompany directed by Sam Quinn.

About the new work, Wehner says: “For me, Ease always comes back to the idea of transformation. In this case, from struggle to ease, choirs to whispers, rush to patience. Those seven years didn’t pass lightly. Life took a lot of turns and I had a lot to learn. It’s all in there, compressed in nine tracks.” 

Neon takes you on a journey. Weaving into the soundscape are steady, automative Kosmische vocals, accompanied by tribal drumbeats. It’s a beautifully doomy sound, cold, synthy and otherworldly. Doomy yet not depressing, rather it sweeps you into its embrace to contemplate the state of the world and the universe.

Warm Graves

Warm Graves is now emerging once again as both a live and recording force with a new live band, new album and reissue of Ships Will Come, also released via their new label Fuzz Club Records.

Neon out now. Album Ease out February 25th 2022. Fuzz Club Records Website / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp

Photography: Julia Perkuhn; Felix Adler

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