Leipzig-based Jonas Wehn­er, aka Warm Graves, is about to release his sec­ond album in sev­en years. He’s been in hiber­na­tion since his debut Ships Will Come, and is now enter­ing a new phase with album Ease to be released on Feb­ru­ary 25th 2022. For now, you can sit back and take in a first glimpse with Neon, the first sin­gle, out on Lon­don-based label Fuzz Club. There’s also a video to accom­pa­ny direct­ed by Sam Quinn.

About the new work, Wehn­er says: “For me, Ease always comes back to the idea of trans­for­ma­tion. In this case, from strug­gle to ease, choirs to whis­pers, rush to patience. Those sev­en years didn’t pass light­ly. Life took a lot of turns and I had a lot to learn. It’s all in there, com­pressed in nine tracks.” 

Neon takes you on a jour­ney. Weav­ing into the sound­scape are steady, automa­tive Kos­mis­che vocals, accom­pa­nied by trib­al drum­beats. It’s a beau­ti­ful­ly doomy sound, cold, syn­thy and oth­er­world­ly. Doomy yet not depress­ing, rather it sweeps you into its embrace to con­tem­plate the state of the world and the universe.

Warm Graves

Warm Graves is now emerg­ing once again as both a live and record­ing force with a new live band, new album and reis­sue of Ships Will Come, also released via their new label Fuzz Club Records.

Neon out now. Album Ease out Feb­ru­ary 25th 2022. Fuzz Club Records Web­site / Insta­gram / Spo­ti­fy / Band­camp

Pho­tog­ra­phy: Julia Perkuhn; Felix Adler

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