Something for the dance floor: a radiant new single called Midnight Lover by the London-based multi-instrumentalist Le Junk. With spoken word vocals, this slinky number, which came out on 12th August, powers along with a driving bass and a chorus you’ll want to sing along to. His lyrics are “strewn with stories of sleazy misdemeanours and darkly sardonic humour” making it all sound even more interesting.

Midnight Lover displays some of the out-there swagger of Confidence Man. And diving into Le Junk’s previous numbers reveals a collection of similarly addictive, disco-slanted numbers.

Having previously fronted acts Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux and Big & The Fat, Le Junk parted ways with those projects with the idea of creating new material under a solo moniker. He surfaced amidst the mayhem of 2020 as Le Junk and debuted his solo single Rich Romance – it has shades of Fujiya & Miyagi in its whispered vocals over a driving beat.

Le Junk has recently begun to play live, next shows are:

21 September 2022 Old Blue Last; London
28 Jan 2023 – Shacklewell Arms (HEADLINE); London

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